Cats Eye Training

Acting Classes

Both Stephen and David at cats eye have had formal acting training and offer acting workshops.

The cynics reading this may shout: How can being a tree for three hours help my business? Well, firstly, there is no acting like a tree (we're not that wooden!), secondly, everybody acts everyday in the office... whether we are talking to customers or suppliers, doing a presentation, a disciplinary or conducting a job interview, we all have different business personas for each of these tasks...hey you're acting already and you don't even know it.

Cats Eye Acting Classes

Let cats eye take you through an improvisation workshop

Where you will learn how to accept what is given to you, how non-verbal communication, gesture, tone and emphasis can completely change the meaning of what you are saying and what the different outcomes may be.

This workshop is fun, insightful and most importantly will arm all participants with tools that they can implement immediately within the workplace.