Cats Eye Training

Customer Service Skills

Doesn't it make you mad when you receive really poor service, whether it is in a shop, hotel or when on the phone to a call centre? Surely you deserve better, you won't use them again, you may even moan about it to a friend or colleague, or even blog about your bad experience, but rarely do we complain to those that can make it better.

How do you know that your customers are not feeling the same about your company? So many mission statements say that they offer excellent customer service...what does that really mean? How is it measured? What does excellent customer service mean to your customers? Is there a gap between what you think is excellent customer service and what your customers expect.

Business Training

At cats eye we don't believe in customer satisfaction, customer satisfaction means ok, alright, so-so. As consumers we expect more, therefore your customers will expect more than simply satisfaction...we are strong advocates of delighting customers and exceeding expectations: where is the wow factor for the customer?

Our customer service training days offer an insight into what your customers are thinking and ensuring that you really are exceeding customer expectations.